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Wow, what a month. Well I avoided the awful poetry but at what cost? Eh, whatever. Dignity is for chumps. The only thing that matters is meeting artificial goal for artificial prizes. Am I right? Course I am. If I wasn't then Western Civilization would be a farce and that can't be right.

I learned a lot. I haven't gotten any better about procrastination since last year but I think my out put may have increased. I still have the attention span of coked up chipmunk but I may be learning to deal with it. I really shouldn't start writing about a subject even if I really enjoy it unless I have a clear idea where I'm going with it since it's likely to mushroom into something unmanageably long. Cookie Clicker is pretty addicting. Stuff like that.

To everyone that my lack luster performance at the end of this let down, I'd just like to say, you're not my mom, get off my case.



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