I have been drinking coffee, reading the voter pamphlet and VOTING for the last hour.


For the people, by the people, of the people.... if we don't vote, we are owned.

I always have to study the initiatives carefully, since they are often written to confuse...

Next on the agenda: I have to finish my American Board of Family Medicine required Continuing Medical Education by December 31 in order to retain my Board Eligible status. Ok, who cares, right? But I retake the Family Medicine Boards every ten years and in between I have to do the ABFM stuff and a total of 50 hours of continuing medical education each year. They keep changing the rules on me.

AND I have to figure out medicare's rules for next year. The final law is 2020 pages. Ugh. I just want to lie down on the highway when I think about it. One of our best doctors in town just retired permanently, my age, and I am seeing at least two of her patients a week. I want to go beg her not to leave me, no, no, augh, someone clone me! Also I wonder how the heck she can afford health insurance until age 67, because I sure as hell can't. If I "retired".....

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