Every moment of life is affirmation. Can make my conscious decision: keep this? It could be clear glass memory on my curtain of prism. Tingling. Whatever happens in each instant is under control. One memory at a time comes through me. Ignore context, retain one bead prism at a time.

Moments like glass beads strung together on a twine of memory. How. Why does it stay together. Where would I be if your necklace broke, glass shattered on the floor? Where would you be if mine were the one that spilled. The heap of necessary things rolling scattered into corners and shadows and sunpatches.

Because: Context is not important. Because: My life is one long series of contexts. String them together, my moments. Still not context, but I am ready for immersion. Ready always to drown in one. Drown in this moment right here. Yes, I mean let go. Conscious decision, yes. And save the moment (Another glass bead glistening. Look how it shimmers in the morning sun. Listen to the tingle like a wind chime.)

What I mean right now is would you please stop thinking consequence and kiss me.

Because: You are your memories. But only in segments as you choose them.

Moments of Yes twine twining on my tangle string and then twirling come still to a decision of Eventually. When. If. What if.

You, when faced with this. You not of the moment, you broke. (What of immersion. Drowning – you were warned of the necessity.)

Another kiss, here. Your neck. Turn your mind off. What does it feel.

Like in glass wind; one wakes, bead by bead to tinkle tinkle tinkle down the string. Chimes.

Each time we come through this decision making it is going to be my Yes, and - Another Yes. Any Yes is more than okay. Look: of each important moment we will choose one for you and one for me to like.

Conscious decisions (who once strung thought like logic) like taffy melting longer longer. Sun softening to shine into longer shadows spilling like liquid across the sidewalk. How long strung. How well strung. How strung together. Sometimes a moment will drown instead of me drowning into it.

Shimmers broke through, say the instant moment you happened to me. You and your moments.

Now we create a series of ripples.

Where Right Here segues into thought making decision, where saving Now merges with holding on to shreds: left is only shattered string. One glass moment is too easily become two and too easily become three and then become decision and then is become a broken shattered heap. To keep the context twine, to have this the glistening is one moment at a time. One moment in moment of moment our moment. Don’t push it. Savor.

Because. Now. Life happens. Affirmation.

This right now means would you kiss me. This right now means there is no tomorrow.

I will save you as a moment. You on a string. You as glass on a string. You on a brand new tingle string.

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