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The advertising slogan for Nintendo products back in the day when the NES was king. The slogan was applied to all Nintendo products: hardware, game paks, accessories, and anything else with the Nintendo Seal of Quality on it.

The slogan was amended slightly in 1989 when the Game Boy debuted and became "Now You're Playing With Portable Power!" whenever products for Game Boy were being advertised. In 1992 the slogan was expanded on yet again for the coming of the Super NES and became "Now You're Playing With Super Power!". In 1993 the slogan expanded to "Now You're Playing With Power: Classic Power, Portable Power, and Super Power!" to encompass the entire Nintendo family.

In 1994 the slogan and its variations were finally retired as Nintendo focused their advertising on its new catchphrase to emphasize the Super NES: "Play It Loud!".

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