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Nudd: NÜÐ, possibly NIÐ (Ð is pronouned as "th" in "leather")
Welsh: modern "fog" or "mist"
Derived from the god Nodens; equivalent to the Irish Nuada. Sometimes called Lludd or Lludd Llaw Ereint.*

Son of Don and Beli, a king of Britain in legend. His sons are Gwyn ap Nudd, Edern ap Nudd, Nwyfre, Avarwy, and Afleth; a possible daughter is Creiddylad/Cordelia.

*I am of the contention that Lludd is a confusion of the gods Nudd and Llyr. My reasoning is that the roles of the gods of the Children of Don and of the Children of Llyr overlap, and that a certain amount of confluence may have occured. For instance, in some legends, Creiddylad/Cordelia is said to be the daughter of Lludd Llaw Ereint, and in some the daughter of Llyr/Lear; Gwyn ap Nudd is said to be the son of Nudd and the son of Lludd.

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