This quick snack is so unbelievably easy to prepare, it almost defies the need for a node. The preparation is the easy part; the hard part is initially deciding to put Nutella and marshmallow creme together on a tortilla, of all things. The good news is that the simplicity makes this item very easy to make in mass quantities.

The ever-lovable AmberFe taught me this recipe recently, mainly for the reason that she wanted one, and didn't feel like getting up to make it. So the daunting task fell to me.


The tortilla involved in this recipe is very likely the result of the time that AmberFe and I both spent in New Mexico. It is a very good idea to get a high quality tortilla for this, but that can be difficult outside of the southwest. If you happen to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you can go down to the Frontier to pick up a twelve pack. If a naked guy named Don Schrader tries to pick you up on the way there, just ignore him. If you're outside of the southwest, you may just have to settle with the flat, lifeless tortillas of us soulless white people. Such are the trials of cooking. Making your own tortillas makes the recipe more difficult, but much more rewarding.

The preparation is very simple. Lay the tortilla flat on a plate. Spread Nutella on one half, and marshmallow creme on the other. Fold the tortilla in half along the line created by the two substances, then eat. If you like, you can warm it in an oven or microwave, but be forewarned, if you do this the Nutella and Marshmallow Creme will melt, making the eating part much messier.

These things taste like... Well, they taste like Nutella and Marshmallow Creme on a tortilla, to be frank. But that isn't a bad thing, they actually go really well together. The breadiness of the tortilla buffers the sweetness of the filling nicely, while the simplistic sugary-creamy sweetness of the Marshmallow Creme provides a wonderful contrast to the chocolate/hazelnut complexity of the Nutella.

Submitted for Recipe Quest: Black and White Food

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