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What most students at Texas A&M call the David G. Eller Oceanography and Meteorology building. The O&M building is the tallest building on campus, and according to local legend, the tallest building between Houston and Dallas (they're not counting radio towers, I assume). It houses the departments of Oceanography, Meteorology, and Geography, as well as the Dean of geosciences. The building was constructed in 1971, and stands 14 stories tall with a doppler radar dish on top. The lower part of the building has deep grooves between the structural columns which, as ferrouslepidoptera pointed out, have a cool echo effect.

The three elevators in the O&M building are possibly the slowest in the western hemisphere. The floors above 12 are accessible only via locked stairs or with a key in the elevator. The 13th floor houses the electronic equipment for the radar, and the 14th is an observation deck with windows all the way around. One architectural oddity about this building stands out: the bathrooms are half a floor off from the rest of the building. As you walk up the stairs, you pass an odd-numbered floor, a mens' room, even floor, ladies' room, and so on. It's odd, I tell you.

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