A hero created by Jack Kirby and published by DC Comics. OMAC first appeared in OMAC #1.

In the distant future, aliens from the planet Vision discover a way to accurately predict future events. They determine that the Earth will experience a great catastrophe if they do not intercede. They decide to help the people of Earth and travel there disguised as normal humans. Once they arrive, they set up the Global Peace Agency, a worldwide organization set up to stop the coming disaster.

Because the group believes that violence begets violence, the Global Peace Agency are basically pacifists. They do however believe that there are times when violence is unavoidable. To handle this problem, they employed a scientist, Professor Myron Forest, to design a system that would allow them to deal with more physical confrontations. Forest designed a sophisticated computer satellite capable of tranforming a single person into a nearly instoppable force. Calling, the satellite Brother Eye, Forest completed the project and then chose an average worker named Buddy Blank to be the recipient of the power transmission from Brother Eye. When this happens, Buddy Blank becomes OMAC, the One Man Army Corps.

OMAC fought against evil entities like Mr. Big, Major Domo, and and Dr. Sandor Skuba. Brother Eye was later damaged and was unable to bring OMAC to his original levels of power, but Buddy Blank continued to fight against evil.

The fight to prevent the great disaster on Earth ultimately failed and human society was driven to the edge of extinction. Buddy Blank survived and raised his grandson Kamandi until Buddy died at the hands of wolf-men hunters.

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