In the eastern end of Pittsburgh there is a section of the city called Oakland. It is situated beside Schenley Park, Shady Side, and Squirrel Hill. Two major arteries run through it, Forbes Ave. and Fifth Ave.

Forbes is the home of the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham College. Oakland is also the home of some fine dining establishments. The Dirty O, or the Original O, and Primanti's are not five star restaurants, but they do have some of the finest sandwiches and fries on the face of the earth.

Besides "fine" dining, Oakland is also the home of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall where the River City Brass Band performs (different from the one in New York City), and several other cultural centers.

Oakland is where I live, now since I'm at Carnegie Mellon University. I believe it to be a great place, but I'm probably biased. I will end this with a quote by my math teacher upon hearing that I wanted to live in Oakland.

"Oakland is the Hellhole of the planet. You can't get in,
you can't get out, and wierd people are walking the streets."
- Mr. Sekerak

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