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A monophonic analog synthesizer expansion module.
Manufactured from the mid-70s to around 1979. Also known as Oberheim SEM.

The SEM is designed to work as a complete synth voice, featuring all the necessary components for sound generation, amplification and modulation.
The unit offers two syncable VCOs with sawtooth and pulse waveforms. As the filter there is a 2-Pole (12dB/octave) resonant multimode (low-/high-/band-pass + extra notch) VCF with an ADR envelope generator. In addition, there is a simple sine wave LFO and a VCA with its own ADR EG. A CV/gate interface is naturally available for external control.

The module offers plenty of internal circuit connectors for more programmability than the front panel allows, and they can also be connected to external devices.
Apart from selling the unit individually, Oberheim also packed SEMs together with a mixer/programmer module and a keyboard to form semi-modular polyphonic synthesizers: the Two Voice, Four Voice and Eight Voice.

9½" (w) x 6" (h) x 9½" (d)

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