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Today while I was walking to the video store it happened yet again. To elaborate on this vague statement I must tell you what I look like. I am roughly six feet in height and I weigh around 160lbs. I wear a black hooded sweat shirt and cargo pants. I wear a chain wallet. I have long hair and a goatee. I always wear an angry expression (I shall write a node; How to get people to leave you alone).

At any rate, I am by no means a menacing presence. I cannot boast extreme size or strength. My skill in the martial area is minimal, if even substantial enough to mention as existent. However, when I put my hood up and put on my "leave me the fuck alone" face, I tend to make "normal" people nervous.

I don't get angry with them for it, it always makes me feel really aweful. Today I exited my apartment building while fiddling with my CD player. Eventually I noticed that I was walking fairly close behind a young lady (about 7 feet). She kept glancing quickly over her shoulder. It became painfully apparent that she was trying to monitor my proximity to her person without appearing as if she was looking. Then her glance started flitting between me and 21st street traffic as if preparing for a mad dash. At this point I could tell her destination was on this side of the street. I had to be on the other side at some point anyway, so to spare her the trouble of "shaking" me, I prematurely crossed the street. She relaxed visably.

Observe the fear you may cause in others as it is a rough world. Put them at ease. It's the least you can do.

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