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One thing journalists always seem to complain about bloggers, (which even though we’re a different species from bloggers, we are related) is that they are egotistical and just write about themselves all the time. Personally I think they are just scared because they feel there virtual monopoly on the popular factual writing sphere is under-threat.

All the same, here is a node where I just talk about myself and be egotistical.

As you can remember, some time half way during the Iron Noders 2009 contest, I left E2. I was thinking, “If I keep this Iron nodding up I will get kicked off the sight, besides I’ve got GCSEs to worry about”. So I decided that I would leave and return once the GCSEs were over.

At around the same time I was thinking about my political opinions, that which I named Humans Meritocracy, and I thought “Perhaps I have finally perfected it, perhaps Humans Meritocracy is the best way to describe these random thoughts, so perhaps now’s the time to start a Humans Meritocracy Party.” So at this point I began the business of looking for members and organising some events. Since most of my friends turn off immediately when I even say “you know my H...” so I also decided I needed a way around this. I thought “Most of my friends are on Facebook, perhaps if I joined and started The Humans Meritocracy Party there I might get more attention”. Plus I was inspired by the success of the EDL. For this reason I joined Facebook and sometime afterwards started a page for the Humans Meritocracy Party.

It immediately began causing controversy; a known non admirer of mine began a counter-movement, first the “Say no to the humanist meritocracy party”, this then evolved into “The Unnamed Party”. A lengthy battle of words and an attempt to gain more fans for our respective pages began. For the most part, my non admirer had way more supporters than me, but I stuck to my guns that being Meritocratic rather than Democratic meant that a lack of fans was not important.

At one point, I was on Facebook, joined a thread started by a peer of mine, and I invited him to have a look at my Page. Suddenly from that point there was a massive surge in the number of fans on the page. This was both a blessing and a curse, the blessing being that I eventually amassed more fans than the Unnamed Party, with the non admirer now basing most of his activity directly on my Page rather than on his. However, alot of people who decided to become fans were/are people who when I meet I get incredibly frustrated with, I think their idiotic bullies and I'm sure they think I'm paranoid and stuck up. I thought that of my "constittution" would mean that I would not have to actually interact with these nobs and I could just concentrate on the ones who were interested. Unfortunately there was this one individual, who seemed to understand my ideas very well, but chose to hang out with complete dicks. I did various things which meant that whilst he could be a full member (There were only ever 4 full members of the Humans Meritocracy Party) whilst not having to interact with him.

This was the year of the UK 2010 General election, and I felt I should play a part. I was originally intending to campaign as The Humans Meritocracy suggesting parties for people to vote for (namely the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, who got in, in the end!) It ultimately evolved into me representing the Liberal Democrats for the School mock election. I ultimately won the mock election with a massive majority (my small town is very much a mm left of center, with the sorrounding vilages being firmly Right). With my campaign, I did it pretty much entirely on myself, I definately didn't get any support from my fans, although I'm sure two of my full members would have helped if I needed. This was pretty much the high point for my political activity of the last year or so.

After that, I concentrated on my GCSEs, after that I returned to E2 and began some research, which got bogged down in boredom, enjoyed the summer holidays, then came to College to begin my AS levels. This period was a distinct quiet period for the Humans Meritocracy Party, which I could have prevented but chose not to. When at College, I was hoping that I could spread Humans Meritocracy to College, and since that certain member would not have his nobish friends with him, I could form a closer partnership with him. Unfortunately he had lots of stuff to do at College, plus some of his friends had managed to get into College. It also became clear that there was no activity on the Page. I decided that the page needed to purge the page, I declared that anyone who didn't post something in the next week got kicked out. In the end only three people were left, one of them was my non admirer. I decided that I should coerce him to do the same thing for his page, which was also inactive. However after three days I decided to end the "spamming campaign". I looked closer, it seemed that my non admirer had something of a rough life, and I felt guilty. I decided that now was the time for my political activity to end, for now that is.

Yesterday I deleted the Humans Meritocracy Party page, after pre-warning the last member via a video. I thought to myself "I've been on Facebook, it has its uses, like keeping in touch with my sister at university, a medium to annoy friends via threads and cheap entertainment. But when it comes down to it, the only reason I joined Facebook was for political reasons, which are now in a state of incubation until they are needed." For this reason, I decided that I would deactivate my account, now I'm with you E2, 95% (of computer time that is.)

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