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Notes from the Surf

The Sun
This is what you'd see shortly before melting =)

Employees of Lehman Brothers stage protest
When life gives you lemons...

I like this one best... Option three.
Maybe not a literal interpretation, but perhaps an allegorical one.

Mossad chief's daughter imprisoned for refusing military
What would become of the peace process if more people were like Omer Goldman?

When banks take a dive
Not quite like The Matrix but good enough.

The system works. Just ask the 64 billionaires in New York City.
"There are 64 billionaires in New York City, who together boast a combined net worth of $344 billion... In the same city, 1.5 million people live below the federal poverty line... Nearly 70 percent of New York City public school children are classified as poor."

The Guardian ignores polite company, quotes Lenin
"Capitalists can buy themselves out of any crisis, so long as they make the workers pay."

How to get away with killing Iraqi civilians
All you need is high level military officials encouraging the planting of weapons.

Views of bailout from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru, and Bolivia
"They have abandoned every policy that they've advocated that other governments should follow over the past 20 years."
"He carries out nationalizations to save capitalism. We want to sink it."

Nepal encourages cooperative businesses and community-owned economies
Let's just hope they can deliver before the CIA gets involved.

14 oktober 2008, a day that according to some was to be the day that a big lightship showed up in earth's sky, so that our friendly neighbor's from the sky could say hi and reveal the truth.

I've been keeping an eye on this event since I first heard of it some weeks ago, not because I was expecting any ET's to show up, but because the human reactions to it promised to be an interesting show.

For example, the first youtube message I saw had a clear element to it that stated that the human race had to send a 'we want you to come' vibe into space before the ship would appear. Forgetting for a moment that a large part of humanity barely wants people who are not like them around, there's still the problem of getting enough people to know they need to send a vibe, which is kind of hard if your advertising consists of youtube video's and a single blog site.

As the days progressed, the 'send a vibe' element also seemed to disappear out of the movies, like it wasn't important after all, a bad move I think, as it could have helped them in the cleanup after the 14th and the 15th passed without big glowing objects in the sky, well... except for that big one, but that's been there a while.

So in the end, a few thousand people are left wondering, not what's keeping the visitors, but if this was an intended hoax to get attention or just delusions of a few people that spun out of control.

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