he's back.
It's as if I've been dedicating my time building empires --
border defence, heavy artilery, high-maintainance cavalry, skilled mercenaries --
only to see it crumble before my very own eyes.

Seems I've forgotten a small, yet vital detail:
my three months work was made of feathery substance.
And he came huffing and puffing and blew it all.
My unpenetrable barrier was sweeped into dust by a single butterfly beat.
I couldn't believe it either, but there I stood, naked in front of him, with no rag to cover my feelings. Like a mirror I showed him The Why, The When and The How...
I can only wait, wonder and keep my head up.
I'm still powerless in front of him, despite the fact that some days I don't give a single fuck, and some days I'd like to kick the metatarsal dust out of him. Faced with reality I am so damn weak.
But at least that's the proof I'm mere human. Which is what matters most.

I've missed you.
I've missed you apocalyptically.

I have not noded in a while so Im going to pick it up again. I went to my friend Abby's Bat Mitzvah today. I had a blast, it was so fun. After the service we went to the room with all the refreshments. I had nine shots of wine and me and Zack walked around snapping and singing the Jets song from "West Side Story'. I now have a blister on my thumb from all that snapping. I had to help Zack to the bathroom so he could vomit up his four shots, hah lightweight. At the reception I won a dance-off by doing the worm or as Jillian called it "having sex with the floor." The salmon at the reception was absolutely Fantastic. At the end I looked like a hippie because I took all the flowers on the tables and braided them into my hair. It was a wonderful experience, one that I really hope I can do again.

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