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Hello friends (from friend Behr).

I had to make a decision today and decisions are important to make when they need to be made. After the 15th Testicular egg dropped into my distended and stretched out scrotum, I had to take action. With there being no other options available to me thanks to Obama, I went looking for a way to open the scrotal egg sack and investigate what was going on. This is happening outside of my ability to directly see since the testicular eggs are dropping directly into the scrotal egg sack.

Found I did an X-Acto knife in a kichen drawer. It wasn't really clean, had some glue and artsy stuff on it (not that I do that kind of stuff it was taken from one of my neighbors before I took possession of her property). I sat down on a kitchen chair, pulled down my slacks, and began making an incision into the scrotal egg sack with the X-Acto knife. It was painful to cut, but I managed to slit open the scrotal egg sack without passing out (not easy to do but I am no wimp). I reached into the opening with my thumb and forefinger and began extracting the eggs through a painful process that continued all morning. Each of the testicular eggs was covered in a thick, murky film that was from another world. As I put all of them in a row on my game table (leaving my original two testicles in place). I began sewing up the scrotal egg sack with needle and thread (acquired from the same dead old lady). This is not something a non-Aryan would even think of doing because only we have "the stuff" (as you well know).

I wasn't sure what to do with the thirteen scrotal eggs now lined up on my game table. They just sat there rocking ever so slightly. Then my old friend the hairless ass weasel returned from its journeys and entered the room. Looked at me pensively it did. Very pensively indeed.

Then it looked at the testicular eggs and a big smile broke out across his face.

If you have ever seen a hairless ass weasel smile it is very unsettling. Especially after you just cut open your scrotum and removed 13 eggs with an unknown origin.

After this I have asked some noders to come over to my house for a Halloween noder meet. This is to give me emotional support during this time so you will be required to listen to and do everything I say (to give emotional support). At least four have already confirmed and are flying in to the Greater Baltimore Area including the harbor tonight and tomorrow.

If you aren't signed up, get on the list now. Someone is passing it around. Find them or don't come. I don't need losers who can't find their way out of a wet paper bag thank you very much.

Festivities begin at my home at 7pm sharp. Bring money, food, drinks, and a book of uncancellable checks.

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