From time to time, fellow conservatives, you may be confronted with information that challenges some of your opinions, perhaps even undercuts a portion of your worldview. In moments like these, it is vital to remember that almost everything you hear from mainstream media sources is created by the extreme left wing. Even when they're not deliberately crafting distortions and falsehoods to convert freedom-loving Americans to their utopian socialism, bias leaks into every single word of every single sentance, even seemingly innocuous ones. Take the beginning of this article from this morning's USA Today:

Bush seeks campaign cash in Texas
DALLAS (AP) "President Bush on Friday attended the first of two Texas fundraisers this weekend that will raise $7 million -- the largest take in any trip to one state this year."

Why is this story on the front page, or even in the newspaper? Advertisements aren't mind control -- they may not even do anything! Why should it matter if Bush can buy more of them? The concept that advertisements can propogate ideas and change habits reeks of condescension, a condescension typical to the elitist liberal parasites that run this nation. It's as if these conspiracy theorists are saying that the corporations that decide to generate good PR by supporting television shows their customers like are actually doing it for a shadowy, sinister hidden purpose, that the Commercial Messages shown in exchange are not merely irrellevant byproducts but the whole purpose of the transaction. (These marsupials obviously have no conception of the free market's magic: corporations that spent money trying to voodoo the public into buying their products through TV advertising would never survive!)

Of course, Newspapers aren't the only source of liberal bias; even seemingly neutral forums like book reviews are tainted. Commenting on What Liberal Media -- a book that makes the ludicrous assertion that "the media might, for reasons of ownership, economics, class, or outside pressure, actually be more sympathetic to conservative causes than to liberal ones" -- Publisher's Weekly, demonstrating its Leninism once and for all, wrote, "Alterman delivers well-documented, well-argued research in compulsively readable form. His chapter on business journalism, for instance, is a thrill ride through the excesses of late 1990s optimism... Whether readers agree with Alterman or not, his writing on the business of opinion making is eye-opening. This book will be required reading for anyone in politics or journalism, or anyone curious about their complicated nexus." And the blood-soaked Maoists at Kirkus Reviews said, "Alterman hits the nub... a sobering reminder that TV long ago abandoned serious journalism and that the watchdogs and skeptics are thin on the ground in all media."

Talk radio is one of the few exceptions to the liberal-dominance rule, providing a forum for all views -- conservatives like Rush Limbaugh share airspace equally with liberals like Bill O'Reilley. Anyone interested in truth and accuracy would do well not to stray from it.

Node your student newspaper column. (Your satirical column. Read before you vote.)
If I do anything it is because I want to for one reason or another. Obeying anyone with out thought, or just following the herd, is a betrayal of yourself. I do not do anything without considering the consequences. That is my cardinal rule and today I broke it.

Even worse, I broke my rule by breaking one of Master's rules for me. My Master will find out because I will tell him and I will be punished. I trust him to make the punishment fair and I have willingly given him the responsibility but days like today when I have shattered the rules set for me without thinking at all except about my immediate pleasure, I worry about what will happen.
Once the counter rolls over and is October 6 "real" time instead of "server" time, it will be one year since Sam-the-kitty came to live with me. Happy anniversary, or something of the sort, fuzzball. I love you, sweet boy.

I mentioned a while back that I'd bought a woodburner and started playing around with it. I sold a few things at the local Pagan Pride and finally got around, with my brand! new! digital! CAMERA! to putting some stuff up. Check it out if you're in the market for pagany articles. Actually, follow the link anyways because I've got a gag gift of my own creation up there that I at least consider brilliant. There's also more mundane "stuff" listen, clothes that no longer fit or I no longer wear. Yes, this is shameless self promotion. I figure it's as good a use for a daylog as any.

or just search for user 'wuukiee'

I *finally* got a replacement for the oh-so-unusable dresser my landlord gave me when I moved in. It was a nice piece, heavy wood, but it was that sort of construction where the drawers are really only 1/2 the heigh of the fake drawer-front. They were so short I could not easily store two pairs of sweatpants or two pairs of jeans atop one another, but instead had to roll pants up and squish them in.

One walmart run and 50 bucks later, I have a large particleboard wardrobe. Yes, it's a crappy piece of furniture, but ALL of the space but six inches is usable, not HALF the entire height. I have so far filled it with ALL the clothes from my other dresser, two HUGE loads of laundry that before perpetually lived in the dryer or the hamper, AND two large tupperwear storage bins I had under my bed worth of stuff and there's STILL ROOM. I haven't had this much space since I moved in. WOOHOO. Now maybe I can get my blasted place CLEAN for once.

Hi everybody! – I hope you’re all doing good and had a nice weekend! I know I did. Our soccer team won our first game of the season 3-1 on Saturday and then I went to watch the Ohio State women’s volleyball team play that night. It was fun.

My birthday is coming up soon and I’ll be 9! My dad keeps asking me want and I keep asking him to surprise me. I like surprises! Halloween is getting close too. I get to go trick or treating twice, once at my moms and once at my dads.

I wrote a poem last night. I hope you like it! It’s called “Cool Water”.

Cool Water

Cool water, against my feet,
Cool water, flowing to the beat,
Cool water, seeping all over me

Blue rain pours down with every thought,
The rush of warm air reaches my senses,
I have awakened from my dream,
And I smile.

Every great mind is not alike,
And it blooms like a red rose.

I’m working on a couple of more and I hope I finish them soon. Bye!

For some reason, the A & E editor of my college newspaper was on the mailing list for Siegfried and Roy. Those guys had an amazing PR rep. Every week we'd get a very brief press release - "Come see Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage this week, blah blah blah" - and an 8 x 10 color glossy photo of the pair. It was different every week. Siegfried and Roy with Madeleine Albright! With Clinton! With Robin Williams! And, yes, lots of kitty porn.

There wasn't much we could do with the photos, of course. It's not like we could run them. In four years I met many, many students of questionable mental health; I can think of at least three who are likely to become serial killers within 15 years of graduation; one of my best friends was repeatedly hospitalized with schizophrenic symptoms; and there was my roommate who taped Martha Stewart's TV show in the morning, WHILE WATCHING IT, and then returned from class in the afternoon to watch the same. But I can't think of an OSU student in any state of mental infirmity who would scan the student newspaper, say, "Hey! Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage! Again!" and plan a wacky spontaneous college Vegas trip JUST TO SEE SIEGFRIED AND ROY.

Long story short, I started collecting the 8 x 10s and taped them up on the wall over my desk. I did this based on two principles which have guided much of my post-pubescent life: 1) Quantity is your friend. Or it is when you're decorating an inherently ugly office space on next to no budget. 2) When in doubt, be scary. Very, very scary. At the time I was in contact with cops, city councilors, student government types and others - all of whom took one look at the Wall O' Siegfried and Roy and knew I was not a woman to be trifled with, despite my small stature and (usually) agreeable exterior.

Shortly thereafter, I left the newspaper for about a year and a half. (My mental health was failing. Can't imagine why.) When I came back, occasionally I'd find a photo of everybody's favorite ambiguously gay illustionists sitting around the newsroom, but my major stash, my mosaic, had apparently been stolen or destroyed. That made me sad. My heart has been quite heavy the last several days as the fate of Roy, my guardian, my keeper, my...Roy remains uncertain. I've even been watching Fox news again, despite my declared enmity toward it, because their coverage of sideshow freak maulings kicks ass over that of any other network. Rupert Murdoch, I salute you and take back every nasty thing I ever said about you.

Seriously. Is it just me, or is this a frightening real-life recreation of the Chuckles the Clown episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Hee hee hee. Ahem. Hee.

Here I stand
alone, lost
where am I?
who am I?
blue pills
three, four
a whole bottle
I sleep
my mother cries
a white light above
firey deapths below
what happened?
I can't remember
I want to live
I cry
no one hears
no one cares
help me
lost, alone
not alive
above death
I slip
Grasping for a handhold
I miss
and fall.

suicide is one of those things that I try just not to think about. I wrote this a few hours before I posted it. When I think too much about Life, the Universe, and Everything I feel overwhelmed. Poetry helps to calm me. The blue pills are the sleeping pills I usually take but really I know better. I have a list that I made through a lot of painstaking research of common medications and how much to take to commit suicide. My doctor won't give me enough of my sleeping pills for me to succeed that way.

I was all set to vote Giant Squid in 2004, and then icicle went and announced that Scoopy was in the race. NOW what will I do?

Well, I cried -- sort of.

My sister got married on Saturday. I'm not one to get horribly emotional, but standing there in the pack of groom's men. I could not help but get a little misty-eyed. Perhaps this reaction was in concert with some greater karmic shift. As a marriage and family therapy student I ask people to open themselves up, and essentially emote for me. It seems fitting that my stoicism would fail me.

As for the wedding and the reception it was a really good time. It was a nice mixture of my parent's friends, relatives and college kids. The only drawback was the possible bar bill. You see, college kids can drink a lot.

My cousin's jazz quartet played the cocktail hour, and we had a good band from North Carolina come up and play. The did a good mix of wedding music - which is basically 70's material with a good beat and Sinatra material. I made a conscious effort to get out and dance, and my self-awareness seemed to turn off a bit. Perhaps it was because we mainly had family friends there that I didn’t feel self-conscious. But the more I think about it, I probably should have felt more self-conscious, because it's not like I'm never going to see these people again!

My sister and new brother-in-law are on their way to Bermuda today. Here's hoping the hurricanes stay away.

Note to self: Don't trust anyone.

This was my first node. And, as many I'm sure, I wasn't fully sure of what was expected of me here. I was just trying to be silly and leave a little to the imagination. Unfortunately, this is not the site to attempt such a feat. I decided to keep it intact as a reminder not to just jump into something without fully understanding what's expected. Please forgive me for my overeager unprepairedness. I'll strive for perfection (or at least my best attempts at it) from here on out. Please let me know if I'm not holding true to my goal, as I'm sure you will.

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