Heartbeat tremors; blood rushing still,
Through pathways dark, and shed,
The feathers of lost loves, until,
We catch her tangled thread.

Lazarus beckons; intimate,
Emblazoned on lost books,
A passion carved in clay; a fate,
Abides the loving look.

A friend of mine woke me at 4 AM one morning needing someone to talk to...

Plagued with this obsession till I can think no more, I sat awake till four.
Overcoming me, dragging me down, fear has taken hold.
Not knowing was always the worst feeling in the world.
Was this really all my fault? Was I just making things worse?
Was someone unable to wait? Did someone want me to be their date?
I'm so confused, bewildered and bemused.
Did I ask for any of this?
This is no triangle, no not this tangle.
What is this mess that causes me so much stress?
How could so much hurt exist between so few?
Does anyone care? Is there someone out there?
What if they're right, and things can never be alright?
But what if they're wrong, like so many times before?
What if they're wrong, and there's a lighthouse on a distant shore?

Many Winters ago..


This room is haunted

Filled with memories

Silvered ghosts from old movies that turn from the window

Lift arms of shadow

Embrace, and turn again...

Oh, I remember

Hair of sunwarmed silk

Sea green eyes and fingertips

Their touch like pearls against my skin

Cool and precious

I would have kept you if I could you know

And never let that winter's twilight turn to night

Held that moment as I held your hands

In both my own

Defying Gods and Man

And coming night.

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