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The album design was a deliberate mockery of Nirvana's Nevermind album. The naked baby swimming towards a dollar-baited fishhook was replaced by an image of a naked Weird Al (with naughty bits discreetly invisible (although the baby's weren't)) swimming towards a donut on a hook. The water motif was carried over to the back cover as well. The inside pictures show Al and his band looking at the camera in a strange and disturbed manner.

In an amusing, unexpected, and otherwise brilliant tribute to "Endless Nameless" (the song that appears 10 minutes after Nevermind "ends"), a few minutes after "You Don't Love Me Anymore" the silence is broken by Al screaming and raising a ruckus.

Weird Al has always paid careful attention to detail, whether in picking up the smallest detail in a video to parody (i.e. in the Smells Like Nirvana video, the Dave Grohl character was playing a bass drum labeled "Drum" and wearing a shirt marked "Drummer", poking fun at the words written on Grohl and his drum set), or in his lyrical touches. With this, he brings his mastery of the subtle humor into content design as well.

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