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McDonald's has a new advertising campaign. They are claiming to be the "Official Drive-Thru of NASCAR." I did a double take when I saw the sticker in their window.

If something claimed to be the official motor oil of NASCAR, I'd think that all NASCAR cars used that motor oil. That may not exactly be the truth of the matter, but that's the implied connection. But what does "Official Drive-Thru" mean? Does it mean that NASCAR drivers pulling into pit row have to stop at the front end, state what repairs their car needs into a poorly-maintained intercom speaker, and drive forward, to have the wrong items fixed by some half-trained high school students dressed in gaudy clothes?

No... this is just a poorly-chosen sponsorship - McDonalds wanted to sponsor NASCAR, and wanted to make the obvious (if somewhat dubious) connection between NASCAR and their drive-thru. It has about as much meaning as Snickers being the "official snack food of the Olympics."

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