It was crazy! Some of you were there! And it all took place in this huge house. I think this is because I fell asleep printing out directions for everything2000con.

Juliet's Everything Dream

I rang the door bell, and knifegirl answered. (I doubt she looks like this in real life, no one in this other than me probably looks like they do in real life.) She led me down a corridor, and up a flight of stairs. She opened up a door, and told me that I was staying there for the weekend. So I walked in, and set down my bags. The room was a lovely suite, done up in sheer pinks and purples. Later on I find out everyone's room matches their everything personalities.

I freshen up a bit, and decide to go exploring. I walk down a huge flight of stairs, which leads to a room with some people sitting around and drinking. For some reason I am wearing my New Year's Eve outfit. I walk in, and just kinda stand off in a corner, since I am unsure of who everyone is. After a while, I realize I am in a room with loothi, dem bones, discofever, and some people I didn't recognize. We all talked for a little, and I went back upstairs.

This is where it gets interesting..
More to come
My E2 dream was a bit different, and a bit more far-fetched. The real E2 website came to life, it was a place. But, unfortunately, I have no control over the crazy things that go on in my head. My head controls me…I don’t control my head. Did I just say that? Never mind…

First of all I wasn’t sure where I was. It looked like a dark sequence of tunnels. I didn’t know where to go. I was lost, and filled with fear. I just kept turning corner after corner, searching for a way out.

Eventually I saw someone in the distance, and ran towards them. As I came closer (I’m not sure how I knew this) but I realized it was Dannye. Without saying a word, I quietly followed him. He looked like he knew where he was going. I’m not sure if he even noticed me creeping behind him.

Eventually we reached a long tunnel, and it looked like there was light coming out at the end. As we approached it, I couldn’t find the source of the light. Finally, I realized what it was. There was an average sized desk which appeared to have a pen on it. Behind the desk there were two large metal closed doors that looked like they had been torn out of the pages of a science fiction novel. I can’t explain how strange they looked. But just above the doors there was a huge glowing banner that said: everything2. That was the source of the light.

I stopped to admire the scene, as Dannye kept walking towards it. He picked up the pen and wrote something on the desk. Then he spread his fingers out and put his hand down beside whatever he wrote. The big metal doors slid open, and he walked in. Then they closed.

I ran up to the desk. Whatever Dannye had written was gone now. I wrote something with the pen. I do not recall what it was, but I know it was something I was interested in. I did what Dannye did, and the doors opened, and I walked inside.

The room wasn’t big, but it wasn’t that small either. The walls were sort of a pinkish color, don’t ask me why. There were more people there, about five I think. There was red writing on the walls, these appeared to be nodes. At the bottom of each write-up was a username. I saw someone writing a new node on the wall, and recognized them to be Rancid_Pickle. When he was done writing, he signed his name at the bottom.

As people went by they stopped to read his node. Sometimes they nodded their head at it. When this would happen a little line would appear beside the node. This continued to the point where there were almost 9 or 10 little lines next to it. Then, someone dressed in black went to read the node, and shook his head at it. When this happened a line disappeared. This appeared to be the voting system.

I was about to read this node when I heard a big bang. I turned around and saw a whole bunch of smoke where a node had been. The smoke turned into puffy white clouds and floated up through the ceiling, leaving that part of the wall blank. I asked someone what happened:

“That node was just nuked” they said. “It went to node heaven.” The person smiled at me, and handed me a red paintbrush. “Why don’t you replace it?”

I took the paintbrush and started writing on the blank part of the wall. I’m not sure what I wrote, that part of the dream is all a haze for me. But when I finished, I made sure to sign my name at the bottom.

The person who had given me the paintbrush read my node, and nodded his head at it, and a line appeared next to it.

But then, suddenly the person in black that down voted Rancid_Pickle came through the doors. He pointed at me and said:

You haven’t logged in yet!

Then he shook his head at me and I heard a big bang as smoke started floating up around me. The smoke turned into puffy clouds and I started floating up through the ceiling tonode heaven. That would be where I woke up.

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