It starts of just like any normal day. I got in early. Only 8:30am, nothing special. I got a glass of water, made some toast in the kitchen and got to work. The time moved on and more softies drifted in (don't you just love flexi-time).
Lunch time came, I went out to get a sandwich and ate it reading the latest headlines on the internet. As I finished and put the wrapper in the bin, a little box appeared on the screen. "You have new mail. Would you like to see it now?" Ok.

To: Everyone
Subject: Remember Diane the cleaner is away this week.
That's right everyone, Diane has been let out for a week
so you're all going to have to clean up after yourselves
for a while.


Central Admin

Hmmm, this could be interesting. I look down at the bin. It's nearly full. Where does it go? Well, I'll deal with that later, back to work.

The end of the day come along and Jen reminds us all to put our cups and plates in the dishwasher (yes, all the mod cons in our building, I like working here!) so at the end of the day 5 or 6 us end up in the kitchen doing our best to tidy. James has a bucket but he can't figure out which product to use with the water. Another guy is trying to wipe all of the crumbs from the work top onto a tray so he can put them in the bin. The rest of us huddle around the dishwasher. It has 2 dials and a button. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?! Mark has a PhD in Maths and can program in dozens of obscure languages with no basis in reality. "Errm, what does the button do?". Paul is a Senior Divisional Manager in command of 38 engineers, "Don't look at me, you sort it out." Steve the new graduate just ran out of the kitchen. People were starting look at me so I just stood in the corner and pretended I wasn't there.
Eventually Jen arrived and switched it on.

As for the bins, I think I'll skip lunch this week!

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