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The Ohio Relay System is a system that offers toll free assistance to deaf people wishing to make telephone calls, and for hearing people who wish to call the deaf.

What happens as a hearing person is that you call a Toll Free number and tell them the phone number of the person you would like to call. They call that person's TTY, and then they type everything you say (including background noise) and it comes up on his or her TTY. Then they tell you everything the deaf person has written to you. It's very cool.

As a deaf person you call them on your TTY and tell them who you wish to call, and they will read everything you have written and type everything the hearing person you are talking to has said.

It's a cool system, but it is also a pain in the butt to use. It's cool that it is offered, and that it is free.

The phone number for it in Ohio is: (800) 325-2223.

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