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The famed Oktoberfest began with a royal Bavarian wedding in 1810. The groom, king Ludwig I, wanted to celebrate his marriage to Maria Teresa of Saxonia by proclaiming a state fair, in Munich.

The festival was dedicated to the fall harvest and to the Regions most famous product, beer. Tradesman and merchants came throughout Germany to join in the merry-making. They examine the Crops, sang songs, danced and sampled the first beer of the season. The celebration was such a success that Ludwig issued a royal Decree making Oktober festival time in Munich.

Oktoberfest has been held annually ever since.

Taken with permission from www.alpinevillage.net.

Don't forget that Oktoberfest runs right from September through October. In this time it is impossible to get a hotel in Munich without booking months in advance.

This shouldn't be a problem however, since Munich Beer Gardens (the only real beer gardens), are open all summer.

Of course, if you're persistent, you might find accommodation in Dachau.

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