The second album by the leading Celtic rock band in North America, Seven Nations, Old Ground finds the band beginning to develop its identity with a combination of pumped-up traditional Scottish tunes and bagpipe-laden rock written by frontman Kirk McLeod. The rock songs, especially Scream and God, are still part of their concert repetoire.

By this time (1995) 7N had acquired a drummer, Nick Watson, who would later depart for the band Celtic Soul.


  1. Colonel Fraser/The Big Parcel/Elzik's Farewell
  2. No Reason
  3. The Pound a Week Rise
  4. Scream
  5. Trumpan/Clare Jig/The Gaitha/Fiddlehead
  6. God (sample in .wav format at
  7. Canadee-i-o
  8. Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle/Christo Wraps the Reichstag/The Kilt is My Delight/Maggie's Pancakes
  9. Green
  10. Ye Jacobites By Name/The Rights of Man
  11. Men of Argyll
  12. Old Ground (sample in .wav format at

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