Old age homes are prisons for the mind and body, a place where people deemed no longer "useful" to society are sent when they can't take care of themselves. I spent some time volunteering for one of these establishments, and I made some sobering observations. Desperation for activity and excitement has left many of these throw-aways as empty shells just waiting for their turn to die. Sad as it may be, these people crave simple activities such as bingo and yearn for the patronizing attention they are given by un-sympathetic and secretly repulsed nurses and caretakers. Some inmates were excited that a new face had come to validate their existence, while others were resentful of my youth.

Senility and decrepit bodies harbor a wealth of knowledge and childlike personalities begging for another chance at life. Eyes that have witnessed ages gone past are now blinded by failing bodies, and each one of these entities is a sinkhole of despair, as almost everyone they have ever known is dead, dying, or has forgotten about them. The old age home truly shows just how little the majority of us care about and respect past generations, and for me it is a truly terrifying prospect that I may end up there one day as well.

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