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The Army's favourite colour. Combats (fatigues in the US) used to be entirely this colour, however, most armies now use a camoflague pattern.

A term, closely related with the Armed Forces, that refers to the color "Olive Drab Green" - It's a darkish green, standard color that a good deal of military equipment comes in.

Just about anything you can think of comes in striking Olive Drab: issue wool blankets, most all field gear items (pistol belts, canteens, backpacks, med kits, ad nauseum ad infinitum),duffel bags, Martha Stewart curtains, barracks, paper (yes, paper), the old Vietnam-era field uniforms (now replaced by the Battle Dress Uniform), most military vehicles, and on and on. For excellent fashion wear and accessories in olive drab, seek out your local Army Navy surplus store.

The US Armed Forces has deviated from olive drab use in recent times. During the Gulf War and other operations in the Middle East units were repainted and reuniformed with sand-colored equipment and desert camoflage uniforms before being sent to the sandy dunes of that region.

Olive Drab, sometimes referred to as just "OD", is a pleasant color that members of the military quickly become used to seeing daily. One can theorize that, besides the fact that much of the olive drab field equipment is that color for a camouflaging effect, the use of olive drab on everything also gives things a semblance of uniformity - something the military is big on.

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