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A manufacturer of Climbing gear. They manufacture tube belay devices and other protection, but what they are really known for is their Carabiners. At the moment, all but one of my Carabiners is an Omega biner. Why? Low cost, good strength, and high availability. And how do they get those things? Inmate Labor.

Yup. Since 1993, many of Omega's products are produced by the fine folks in the State of Washington correctional facilities. The moral questions of this are obvious, but on the other hand, for many, the price of a good carabiner is key. Many times, while retreating from a route for example, a good carabiner must be left on the face (for instance, you need it there to hold the rope to rappel from, but once you're done, there's no one up there to retrieve it). Thus, You want a biner you can trust to hold you, but doesn’t hurt too much to lose.

Omega Pacific's website is located at www.omegapac.com

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