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OmniMech translates to: So, in short, an OmniMech is a Mech where everything is interchangable (well, most things). Life Support, Engine Placement, Jump Jets and other critical areas are fixed, however most other things are interchangable. A missile rack which is mounted on the left shoulder as a standard could be changed to the right shoulder, or changed from an external to an internal rack and mounted on the torso, arm or even a leg. The same goes for everything else - ammo containers, lasers and projectile weapons can be placed in any limb too. This means, as mentioned above, that the Mech can have many variants and be easily modified to suit the situation.

This also makes it very easy to replace destroyed components, as specialized components for each different limb are not required. This does, however, mean that specialized Inner Sphere components are incompatible with Clan OmniMechs as all Clan OmniMech slots require the general Clan OmniWeapon make. As such, the Clans cannot salvage Inner Sphere mechs, whereas the Inner Sphere find that Clan OmniWeapons will fit in their Mechs, giving them an edge in salvaging.

Another advantage of the OmniMech is a Clan invention known as C.A.S.E.. It is specially designed for OmniMechs. C.A.S.E. is an ammo explosion counter measure. Many OmniMechs are outfitted with armor that can slide out in certain positions to reveal ventilation holes. If ammo is positioned next to these ventilation holes, a C.A.S.E. computer may be installed in the OmniMech. These computers detect an internal ammo explosion and the moment such an explosion is detected it slides off the slideable armor pieces so that the explosion rushes out through the ventilation holes, causing minimal damage to the internal.

Most Clan Mechs were OmniMechs, it was known for the Clans to occasionally use standard Mechs. The most interchangeable OmniMechs of them all were the:

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