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Omnitheism is a religious concept that suggests that there is some truth to be gained from all religions, and that all religions offer a path to reaching God (or a similar higher spiritual force). The word combines Latin omni meaning "all" with Greek theism meaning "belief in a theos"--a God or other divine force. An interesting parallel occurs with Pandeism, which combines Greek Pan with Deism, derived from the Latin Deus, but has a very different meaning. Another related comcept is Pantheism, the belief that all things are part of God.

Omnitheism recognizes that almost all religions aim for essentially the same thing: the recognition and reverence of a spiritual force, which is thought to be responsible for the Creation of the Universe. Omnitheists therefore respect and honor all religions to the extent that those religions practice tolerance towards one another.

The word "omnitheism" is something of a neologism, with usage in internet forums going back to the mid-1990s. Other words which have been used with this meaning include Universalism and Syncretism, although each has had different nuance.

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