On Being a Woman

It takes more than biology to be a woman;
It takes history-
Lifetimes of wisdom buried in your soul
that make you the woman that you are.

It takes more than endurance to be a woman;
It takes pain
And wounds so deep they never stop bleeding.
But you draw from strengths you never knew you had.

It takes more than self-confidence to be a woman;
It takes guilt
And shame
And the difficult journey down the path of self-acceptance.

The clothes, oh no! They don't make a woman.
She makes herself
More beautiful
With each new layer revealed.

It takes more than grace to be a woman;
It takes beauty
From the inside out
To see perfection in each teardrop
And embrace sorrow as a friend.

It takes more to be a woman;
More than any man can give.
And sometimes
It takes more than I've got.

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