For almost a year, my lover and I have been going about once a week to the same fish and chip shop, and having the same lunch: 2 hamburgers with the lot, one with no tomato, and a large scalloped potatoes.

Three weeks ago when we went in, we didn't have to order.

Lui (the one with no hair, not Andrew, the rather attractive one with glasses) looked at us, and asked "Just the regular, Guys?"


One of us managed to say "yes, thanks" but I have no idea which of us it was...

We sat down and grinned idiotically at one another.

It was... a huge and wonderful thing. And I don't quite know why.

I suspect it had to do with someone outside our friendship circles recognising us as a unit; knowing us and knowing we're together.

(When we began going in to the shop together, Andrew (the rather attractive one with glasses, and not Lui, the one with no hair) used to rib me about my lover... He said to me "Girl, you're going to *gaol* for that!"
(Only he probably spelled it jail, in his head. Everyone does but me, I think.))

It's three weeks today since Lui first asked us if we wanted "the regular" and both of us are still ridiculously delighted by it.

Having a regular is such a happy-making feeling.

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