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This was pretty much an experimental thing I did a couple months ago. I asked my sister to challenge me by giving me a writing topic. She gave me the topic: What would you do if a "One Legged Purple Hippo with Two Elephant Trunks" was in your room when you woke up. So hope you like it.

One Legged Purple Hippo with Two Elephant Trunks

Chapter 1

Waking from my dreamless night from being woken up every hour I look over to see a hazy object. This object soon appears to be big and purple as my eyes blink more and more. It has rough skin and some thing on its side with a deep black hole in it, almost like a tube. I stumble to my feet and grab a stool to lean over this thing in the middle of my floor. Staring down the picture comes into my mind. From what knowledge I’ve gather from previous animals, I see this animal is a “One Legged Purple Hippo with Two Elephant Trunks”. Its leg is curled up by its chest, one trunk on each side, and bright purple.

The full image then was seen in my mind. I fell back and grabbing the post of my bed trying not to fall and waking this creature. I was now leaning on the bed post with the side of my toes on the edge of the stool. Soon sweat was dripping down my arm, making my grip unsteady. Slipping from my bed post I knew I was going to fall hard to the floor. Smashing my head on my bed-post knocked me out.

While in this daze I dreamed of Cassandra, the girl I had a crush on and hadn’t gotten enough nerve to ask, she was a very pretty girl with tannish, brown hair that shined with the suns glitter. She had green eyes the color of jade. She was unique unlike other girls, doing how see wanted not allowing the corrupting thoughts of others ruin her personality. This was one reason she caught my eye. This dream was like a vision of things to happen. She walked in to a spot light in the darkness staring right in front of her. She was wearing a long glittering white dress with a pink rose bracelet on her right arm. And I see an arm stretch out to her with a white sleeve a little out more than a black sleeve covering. From the arm came a whole body with dark brown hair. It turns its head and turns out to be the only person I wouldn’t see in this picture. I’m standing there in a black tux with a white undershirt.

We begin dancing and this is shown for what seemed a minute. Then it gets blurred and my eyes widen. I realize my head hurts now. I reach back and feel a bump on the back of my head. How did this happen? Thoughts rush into my head and remind me of my most recent clumsy act. My eyes open to reveal a purple form crouched over me. I see the picture once again and realize I have to be dreaming or high or didn’t get enough sleep. But this was real. I had a Purple Hippo thingy over me. I drag my self back with my now numb arms to the end of my bed. I stand up with abnormally wide eyes upon this thing standing on one leg. Reaching a hand out with my finger pointing, I try to touch this object. I feel its skin, which felt of stand paper almost.

I ask the question “Where did you come from?"

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