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Politically charged Irish/British band composed of:

Brian Barry - vocals
Massy Fiocco - guitar
Glen Diani - bass
Eddie Straton - drums

Combining elements of hardcore, heavy metal and a little hip hop, One Minute Silence are undoubtedly one of the most energetic and electrifying bands in the world today. As of the time of writing they have released two albums, "Available in All Colours" and "Buy Now, Saved Later" with a third album (with the imaginative working title of "Album #3") on the way.

Track listings:

Available in All Colours

01 - New Dogs New Tricks
02 - South Central
03 - Stuck Between a Rock and a White Face
04 - A More Violent Approach
05 - Norfuckinmality
06 - For Want of a Better World
07 - I Think Therefore I'm Damned
08 - Remain Calm
09 - Available in All Colours
10 - Brainspiller
11 - A Waste of Things to Come
12 - And Some Ya Lose
13 - Pig Until Proven Cop

The Japanese version of the album also included the tracks Yank My Doodle Dandy, Half Empty, And Counting and Going, Going, Gone.

Buy Now, Saved Later

01 - Rise And Shine
02 - 1845
03 - Holy Man
04 - It's Just A Ride
05 - Food For The Brain
06 - Fish Out Of Water
07 - Roof Of The World
08 - 16 Stone Pig
09 - 210 Dog Years
10 - If I Can Change
11 - Spoonful Of Sugar
12 - On Deaf Ears
13 - A Day In The Light Of
14 - Words

One Minute Silence are almost constantly touring. Their shows include a dynamic physical element, such as stage diving from the top of amplifier stacks and carefully orchestrated circle pits helped on by the OMS Pit Krew, a group of moshers who tour with the band and ensure that the mosh pit stays safe for everyone involved.

Another element in OMS gigs is the band's political propaganda. The first time I saw them live they started a chant of "There's a nazi in the Whitehouse!" and heavily criticised Dubya's "War on Terror."

The band's website is at http://www.oneminutesilence.com. It's well worth checking out as there is a huge amount of information about the band and their political beliefs presented in an articulate and intelligent manner.

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