I've seen this under the Everything I Ching hexagram "Kou, coming to meet"

I know that this stuff is considered by many to be very silly, but I can't help wondering...

Who is this maiden?

How is she powerful? Politically? She's strong? She is confident and tranquil within? She has many friends? In what way does her power manifest itself?

Will she wield this power for my good? Her furtherance? (at my expense?)

Was this power gained by destroying others? What is so bad about powerful women?

"Coming to Meet"? Where? When?

Should I be afraid of this powerful maiden?

This is a line from the judgement section of the I Ching entry, Kou, as translated from classical Chinese by Richard Wilhelm.

The Richard Wilhelm translation suggests that what is dangerous about this maiden is not her power itself, but the way in which it is expressed or acquired. The notion expressed here applies equally to a situation where an "inferior man" (one whose motives are crass and selfish) seeks out power, and the "superior man" gives it, largely because "he" views the "maiden" or some other "seemingly weak actor" as no real threat to him or to proper decorum and order.

"The inferior thing seems so harmless and inviting that a man delights in in; it looks so small and weak that he imagines he may dally with it and come to no harm." (p. 171)

The maiden here (as in most of the I Ching) is an image that can apply to many different situations, but is expressed, as with most of the text of the I Ching, within a framework of human relationships, aristocratic privilege and stereotypes or archetypes of widely-accepted relationships and their dynamics.

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