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The modern age...


Who needed it?

I just want to go about my ways.

In the time we're living in, here and now, I've got to wake up, go to school, learn a trade, get a degree, a diploma, a job, a house, a method of transportation, clothes, running water, food, mow the lawn, clean the dishes, trim the hedge, water the plants, feed the fish, pay the repairman, pay the mechanic, pay the barber, pay the lawyer, pay insurance, pay an electric bill, give blood, donate to charity, and try... desperately, to find some leisure time while I struggle to make ends meet.

Did I want this? No.

Do I need this? No.

Who do I blame?

Well, I'm not gonna point the finger at anyone I know. If I know them, then I like them too much to try and just go hurt their asses without them having a fair chance to defend themselves. I'm not going to blame a politician, or an economist, or the scientists we know and love. I don't consider my current situation the fault of any individual alive today. I consider my problem, my life, to be the fault of the Bronze Age.

The Stone Age was so simple. You got up, you killed something, or you gathered something, and you ate it. You talked a good game, and then it was time to either move, or not move, depending on whether your food was stationary or not.

Simplicity is beautiful.

The Bronze Age changed all of this, because people could finally have tools decent enough to keep them living in one place. Quality of life goes up. People diverge from one style of life into many. The complication of true civilization ensues.

Fuck it.

I blame this on whoever started the whole metal thing. I mean, who was the goon who had to figure this stuff out? One guy, one smelting bastard, had to step up to the plate and realize that if you put certain rocks in a furnace, they'd melt, and if you used a rock to form them into something, removed the fire and cooled the bitch off, it'd become hard again. He started tools (She started tools?). This person... ooh... if I had a time machine, I'd turn all this hogwash into another dimension. This would be 'what could have been,' and I'd be hunting buffalo with stone spears, or I'd be dead.

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