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99% crap, but then again...so is everything. When used for spur-of-the-moment stuff, virtual cards can be quite fun and appreciated. And there are some things you just can't find at your local Hallmark, such as Buddhist holidays, Wiccan greetings, or "Congratulations on successfully installing Linux!" Just please, avoid the cheesy ones, of which there are many.

Blue Mountain Arts is probably the most popular site, but it has a high cheese factor. Cuteness and small furry animals abound (well, mostly hedgehogs and turtles. wtf?) Check their Chinese-themed cards for some pretty nice artwork, though.

My personal favorite right now is the badly-named YNot.com, especially the Japonesque Themed section. If you have friends who tolerate Flash, Ynot has some of the most creative and nifty cards out there. Animeart.com has a bunch of shoujo manga graphics you definitely won't find at the local store--very pretty. Actioncat.com has simple but adorable original cat-themed cards.

Otherwise, a search on virtual cards at Yahoo! will give you a list of more than you know what to do with, ranging from insults to multi-stage vacations to virtual sushi. Send someone you love some unagi today!
Virtual Crack is the best online greeting card system by far.

What other system allows you to send someone the very best present of all...?

You can even choose what sorta Crack you wish to send... from the ever-present Rock to the crushed rock packets to the very special Rock Head Starter Kit.

Everyone appreciates some Crack in the mail.


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