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Online invitations make something useful out of virtual cards. It's one of the few neat things on the web that can actually make your life easier. Basically, online invitations are e-cards that also have RSVP buttons, at the least; better sites also have discussion areas for the guests, polls, selectable lists of stuff to bring, automatically-generated maps, etc. This way you can divide up the food for a potluck, find out how many people are coming and whether they want to bring others with them, arrange carpools, decide what video/activity/destination everyone wants, etc. Very handy! (The only catch, of course, is that a significant number of your potential guests must be WWW-users.) The problem in picking a site is that the ones that have good graphics seem not to have good functionality, and vice versa. My top pick for both is currently senada.com ... others include:
- mambo.com
- evites.com
- sendomatic.com
- invites.yahoo.com
- YNot.com

Party time!

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