Earth Girl Arjuna OST 2

(The first OST is Into the Another World)
Title: ARJUNA ONNA NO MINATO (possible translation: A Woman's Harbor)
Code: VICL-60735
Produced by: Yoko Kanno
Producer: Victor Entertainment
Price: ¥1800 (at release)
Release date: May 23, 2001
Length: 39 minutes, 54 seconds

Track info:

1. Gold Fish - 1:57
2. Enka - 3:05
3. Mawaru Spoke - 3:20
4. Butter Sea - Vocals: Gabriela Robin - 3:40
5. Veggie - Vocals: Gabriela Robin - 1:38
6. Shizukana Seikatsu (Quiet Life) - 2:29
7. Didn't It Rain - 2:39
8. Sanctuary - Vocals: Maaya Sakamoto - 2:34
9. Girl with Power - 4:52
10. Asura Jittaika - Vocals: Gabriela Robin - 2:50
11. Teresa - 2:43
12. One - 4:17
13. Saigo no Mameshiba - Vocals: Maaya Sakamoto - 3:15
14. title not listed (seen referred to as either Ghost track or Onna no Minato) - Vocals: oishii boys - 0:28


Note: all music by Yoko Kanno.
Piano and Keyboards: Yoko Kanno
Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe
Guitars: Tsuneo Imahori
Saxophone: Naruyoshi Kikuchi (solo 2)
Percussion: Mataro Misawa (solo 3), Midori Takada
Synthesizer manipulate: Keishi Urata assisted by Seiichi Takubo
Cello: Masami Horisawa (solo 7)
Strings: Masatsugu Shinozaki Group
Trumpet: Masao Terashima Group
Trombone: Eijiro Nakagawa Group
Horn: Hiroyuki Minami Group
Irish flute: Takashi Asahi (solo 1, 9)
Oboe: Masakazu Ishibshi, Satoshi Shoji
Clarinet: Tadashi Hoshino

CD Case details

The front cover of this CD is much different than the first CD - instead of portraying a psychedelic, many-colored photograph, it contains a black and white photograph of a middle-aged or perhaps old man standing on a dock, wearing a black jacket with kanji on the back looking out at the sea with his back to the camera. The setting is a harbor with two small ships which appear to be tour boats.


Here I will only go into the music itself--writeups about scenes in which the music plays (which could include spoilers) should go under the track titles' nodes. I'll credit anyone in this writeup who gives me a better summary of these songs.
Note: Most all of these songs which contain lyrics are sung in a language of Yoko Kanno's invention. This is not new to those who have listened to other Kanno soundtracks such as Cowboy Bebop, however it can be strange to listen to at first. Most people I know like it after they get used to it. Just don't expect it to make sense.

Gold Fish - Begins with a descending guitar segment which leads into an interesting, if slow and somewhat repetitive, Irish flute solo. The song doesn't really have much content.
Enka - Blaring saxophone solo, also not much content to it.
Mawaru Spoke - There's a consistent low bass thump and near-constant percussion in this song, along with what sounds like synthesizer tying it all together. This song has a distinct atmosphere to it which seems to bend with the melody. It's hard to describe, but generally upbeat and whimsical.
Butter Sea - Gentle reverb guitar leads into faint lyrics, which seem to sway the song along slowly. Piano introduces a short interlude, then the song returns to the lyrics. The song ends with a more concentrated guitar beat and slightly darker lyrics.
Veggie - Slow but methodical hum set to piano and staccato synth beats. A slight piano melody towards the end as well as more interesting lyrics.
Shizukana Seikatsu (Quiet Life) - Strings-dominated piece with flute and piano.
Didn't It Rain - Begins with some sort of plucked string instrument, and introduces in turn a flute, pizzicato cello, and finally the bowed cello which will be the main melody of the song. Fades to silence.
Sanctuary - Synthesizer background, led by vocals. Another atmospheric piece, similar to Mawaru Spoke, but slower and heavier-feeling. Introduces a synthetic violin melody 3/4 of the way through the song after the lyrics are over. Heavy bass beats intermittently beat the rhythm.
Girl with Power - This song begins with strings and an Irish flute solo, which leads into a bouncing guitar beat and more progression of the melody. The Irish flute carries the melody throughout, often accompanied by violins. Very upbeat, almost sounds tribal.
Asura Jittaika - Begins with a bowed violin progressions and leads into a foreboding melody (think One Winged Angel). Dark lyrics and echoing synthesizer complete the main part of this song. Ends in a climactic violin rise.
Teresa - Begins with soft, bassy percussion, and leads into a slow piano melody. Sounds warm and happy in some parts, but slightly sad or regretful in other parts.
One - Piano and flute lead off this song quietly. Strings then join in, and gradually the song gains volume.
Saigo no Mameshiba - This song opens to guitar and a windy synthesizer, along with violin in harmony. Japanese lyrics enter (same as those from Mameshiba, though out of order), and after the first verse, a pumping bass rhythm enters, making the song less wistful and more upbeat. Slowly the bass dies down, and the parts of the melody exit one by one, first cello and viola, then violin, leaving the piano to tap out a melody and harmony to end the song.
title not listed (seen referred to as either Ghost track or Onna no Minato) - Children sing along with what sounds like an accordion in this very short track. I believe this is the advertisement that Tokio sings along with at one point in the anime.

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