"Open Source, Open Technology, Open Information"

Open Projects Net (or OPN for short) is basically an IRC network mainly for Open Source projects, offering project coordination for developers and also tech support for users. It was started back in 1998 with about 100 users on 20 channels, needless to say it has since grown to peak at 7000 users on over 2 and a half thousand channels.They are a non profit organisation and are seeking to be tax-exempt.

The homepage is at http://openprojects.net and a server list may be found at http://openprojects.net/irc_servers.shtml

Update: OPN has now got it's tax-exempt status and has changed it's name to freenode. I will be shortly posting a detailed writeup about the move etc. Note that connecting to OPN via the old server addresses is ok and still works :)

Another Update: OPN's people founded "Peer directed projects center" who now have their tax-exempt status. (Thank you shallot)

btw, you can catch me hanging around in #geeks with the moniker dill_

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