This is the third OpenBSD theme song, created for the 3.2 release. Unlike its predecessors, 3.0 and 3.1 it is not a techno song at all. Instead, it has a very strong James Bond theme to it, with the seductive woman singing and the trumpet and sax providing backing.

With golden skin
and flippers as sharp as a knife
He's the machine
Designed to dismember your life

And the fish
Protecting us all from the cat
And the cat
Infecting the wo-orld for a laugh

Cyborg on a mission
To do some Puff fishin'
The doctor wants fugu tonight!

(short instrumental intro)

You'll need some machismo to
catch the spikey one
He's got guts and gizmos to
make the system run

But Flip's here for fun
and without a gun
He'll dice you with his Golden fin

She's all over Puff cause he's
such a sexy catch
Is she spying on him or
just a seafood match?

Oh double seven
Send me to Heaven
Cause for Mr. Po-o-o-ond

The women are fond
She knows what to do
She'll turn Gold to goo

Goldflipper is gone
Gold flipper's goooooooooooooone

The mp3 can be grabbed at

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