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Oporto is also the name of a Portuguese Chicken fast food chain in Sydney, Australia.

The stores were founded by Antonio Cerqueira, who bought over his chicken cooking technique from the city of Porto when he emmigrated to Australia in the 1970s. The method, known as churrasco "involves cutting it open, flattening it out, marinating it and then grilling it over hot coals".

The original store was in Bondi, selling "Bondi's Famous Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken Burger". Oporto now has 14 locations throughout Sydney. There are 3 burgers available at Oporto restaurants: The "Norm" (grilled chicken burger), "Bondi" (Norm with sweet chilli sauce) and "O'tropo" (Norm with pineapple).

The author suggests the O'tropo.

The reason why city of Porto is also called Oporto must be due to Portuguese singular masculine definite article "o" (equals to "the" in English) which has oddly been included in some translations. Portuguese would speak of O Porto.

Porto outruns Oporto with five millions to three hundred thousands with Google - if it can be used to measure anything - so I'd call it Porto to avoid misunderstandings.

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