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No group can fight for a cause if they have nobody to fight against. Therefore, it is essential that every club in your school have opposition. Without it, the club's cause is a farce. Some students understand this well; for example, the Campus Crusade for Christ would be a poor crusade indeed without the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu to battle with.

We shouldn't stop there, though. Thus, myself and a co-conspirator have created the following partial list of clubs in our high school and proposed opposition clubs. We have further proposed an activity for each club to undertake. Unfortunately, we have yet to find an advisor for any of the below organizations.

Please submit your own ideas! /msg nebuchadnezzar!

Disclaimer for the easily offended: None of this is serious. If anyone were to actually start one of these clubs, I would be ever so pissed. (With the possible exceptions of FJA and B&BC)

    Club                                Opposition                         Activity
Students for a Tolerant Community   Students for a Uniform Community   Grey Jumpsuit Week.
Students for a Free Tibet           Students for the Chinese Military  Bakesale for arms.
Asian/Black Student Union           Pudgy Student Union                Candy sale.
Chemically Free Athletes            Sex Free Athletes                  Membership drives.
Future Business Leaders of America  Future Janitors of America         Car wash.
Film Club                           Beavis & Butthead Club             He said "position".
Science Olympiad                    Flat-Earth Society                 Pamphlet publishing.
School newspaper                    School tabloid                     Principal weds cow!
Israeli Club                        Syrian Club                        SCUD-making.
Literary Club                       Student Bookburners                Hot dog roast.

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