Sadie looked up from her Cosmopolitan opened to an article about turning men into sex slaves. "What?"

Sitting on her bed with a threadbare Raggedy Ann comforter, I held up my backpack. "Was your little brother in here last night?"

"Yeah, why?" She folded the corner of the magazine as a bookmark. I cringed inside. What a monster.

"I think he stole my stash."

Sadie sat up straight. "The good shit you got yesterday? Jesus Christ, Bobby, he's only four years old. What if he eats it?"

I shrugged, reaching inside the backpack and moving around the books for our high school chemistry test. We should be studying but I knew Sadie would blow it off. "He'll get a tummy ache?"

She jumped up and started pacing back and forth, weaving between separate piles of her semi-clean and dirty laundry. "This is fucked, Bobby. What if he gets stoned and becomes a heroin addict because of us?"

I barked a laugh, and I was about to explain that no dealer would sell smack to a four year old kid with pennies from his piggy bank but Sadie began bawling. "No, don't cry, your folks will think I was trying to do something to you. Besides, it wasn't that stash I was talking about."

She stopped pacing. I pulled the baggie with the weed out of my backpack's front pocket. "I was talking about my stash of munchies from Halloween that I brought over for after we were done toking up. The weed is fine."

She sat down in a funk on the dirty pile and started crying harder. "He'll go insane from all that sugar. He'll kill my mother with a steak knife. Or he'll just kick me in the face and scream abstract noises and dance around outside in his underwear and have sex with the neighbor's dog and try to fly by jumping off the toilet."

I stuffed the bag of weed back in the backpack. I had to fish around for my shoes on the side of the bed and I slipped them on. "Sorry, Sadie, but I'm going to smoke this over at Dave's house. You're too naturally fucked up to be trusted with drugs."

As I passed the living room I saw her brother rocking back and forth on the sofa. Really fast. I closed the front door quietly just in case.

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