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Highway 43 is a street/road/highway that runs from Downtown Portland to the suburb of West Linn, Oregon. It is an important road connecting Portland to its southern suburbs.

Over its aproximately 10 mile run, the road is known by several names, such as Macadam St. in Portland, Riverside Drive, State Street in Lake Oswego and the Pacific Highway (for all of half a mile), and finally, in West Linn as Willamette Drive. As several of these names would suggest, the road very closely parallels the Willamette River for much of its run, and, in the case of the stretch between Portland and Lake Oswego, has a very scenic view of the river.

Since the road stretches over a dozen miles or so, it coveres many different types of urban and suburban landscapes: from the condomiums and office buildings of Portland's south district, to the upper upper class neighborhood of Dunthorpe, to the middle upper class city of Lake Oswego, to the upper middle class suburb of West Linn. There are no poor neighborhoods anywhere along the road, although the communities is passes through are not anonymous microwave mansion suburbs, but rather distinctive towns.

Highway 43 is not a highway in the way that some of Oregon's highways are. It is not particularly wide, has many hilly and windy sections, and goes through many residential districts that require intersections. I can't imagine that taking this road would be any quicker than taking a normal cross town road. On the other hand, the road still has enough about the highway about it that drivers on it seem to be driving slightly faster than would be appropriate for the nieghborhoods it passes through. This is especially noticable in West Linn, where the quiet "downtown" area is cut in two by a highway full of motorists that don't seem to have pedestrian's needs too deeply in mind.

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