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True innovation is often just a simple idea that any one of us could have had. Case in point : the Oreo Double Stuf cookie. The innovation? The extension of the Oreo name brand to a very similar, but much better, cookie. How many of us has ever saved up the creamy sugary center from countless Oreos, only to consume it all in one hedonistic orgy of sugary loving? Well, Nabisco realized that we all have, and, sensing an incredible business opportunity, made an Oreo with double of the creamy filling inside. In instant top-seller, often reaching #5 on the U.S. cookie sales list. Nabisco made a mint, and we should all thank them as we stuff our gullets with their wonderful Double Stuf cookies.

Side note : After the success of the Double Stuf, Nabisco came out with fudge-covered Oreos and the Oreo Big Stuf, a near-frisbee sized Oreo, to near-universal acclaim.

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