Of all the foolhardy institutions, organized Objectivism must rank near the top. Imagine this: an organization dedicated to doing things your own way. A group of people who all believe in the the power of the individual and who believe committees are the destruction of our world. Does this not strike anyone else as contradictory?

Objectivism in itself as a philosophy certainly makes sense. I'm not advocating objectivism nor do I have anything against it, however, it can only function in the individual. Organized objectivism turns a philosophy of the mind into a cult dedicated to worshipping the "superior" mind of Ayn Rand. She may have created the philosophy, true, but objectivism advocates self-worship, not worship of an idol. Organized objectivism has transformed Rand's works of fiction originally designed to open the mind into instead a new form of holy writ that closes it.

The philosophy is fine, the organization is not.

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