A little known Canadian rap group from the early 1990's. Notable mostly due to the later success of one of its members; Tom Green.

The group formed in 1990 and included members Tom Green, Greg Campbell, and Geordie Furguson. Tom and Greg were DJs for CHUO, a local radio station, where they hosted a rap show titled "The Rap Show". Tom dropped out of Algonquin college, where he was taking courses in broadcasting, to work with the band. The first (and only) album Huh!? Stiffenin' Against The Wall was released in 1992 along with the single "Check The O.R." The album was somewhat successful within Canada, and was nominated for a Juno.

By 1993 the group had split up. The reasons for the breakup are unclear but Tom said that the group was moving in different directions. Tom wanted them to become a "funny" rap group, looking to Flava Flav of Public Enemy as inspiration2. The other members, however, wanted to be more serious, like the more respectable members of Public Enemy. The fact that the band wasn't making money didn't help. Tom claims that the only money they made from the whole deal was from a few shows and a commercial for Loeb's Pizza.

After the break up of the group, Tom reapplied to Algonquin College to complete his degree in broadcasting. He then got a TV show on Rogers Cable, later moving to the Comedy Network, then to MTV, then produced a movie, married Drew Barrymore, etc. etc. He did indulge his musical side by releasing a now rare CD under the pseudonym MC Face, titled "Not The Tom Green Show".

Greg Campbell is currently in an unsigned Vancouver band named "Mr. Bigstuff and the Bigstuff Productions". They can be found on FarmClub.com.

Geordie Fergusun resides in the "Where Are They Now?" file, but is probably leading a normal life working in an office somewhere.

2. For future reference: getting your inspiration from a crackhead rapper might not be such a good idea.

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