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One of the incarnations of the Eternal Champion in the writings of Michael Moorcock.

Bastable is the primary character in three novels:

and makes cameo appearances in other works, such as the Dancers at the End of Time and some of the Jerry Cornelius stories.

In these novels, which as Moorcock relates, he found in a collection of papers given him by his grandfather (also named Michael Moorcock), Captain Bastable is cast loose in the multiverse after leading his company into the state of Kumbulari on the northeast frontier of India. All of his efforts are dedicateed to returning to his home and fulfilling his duty, but he never seems to manage to do so.

Bastable is a rather feckless sort. Although he retains all of his Anglo-Saxon prejudices and sensibilities, as he travels from plane to plane of the multiverse, he invariably winds up assisting the forces at work destroying the power structures in the particular universe he finds himself in.

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