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Our Delaware.

Written by George B. Hynson
Composed by M. S. Brown

Oh the hills of dear New Castle,
and the smiling vales between,
When the corn is all in tassel,
And the meadowlands are green;
Where the cattle crop the clover,
And its breath is in the air,
While the sun is shining over
Our beloved Delaware


Where the wheat fields break and billow,
In the peaceful land of Kent,
Where the toiler seeks his pillow,
With the blessings of content;
Where the bloom that tints the peaches,
Cheeks of merry maidens share,
And the woodland chorus preaches
A rejoiceing Delaware.


Dear old Sussex visions linger,
Of the holly and the pine,
Of Henlopens Jeweled finger,
Flashing out across the brine;
Of the gardens and the hedges,
And the welcome waiting there,
For the loyal son that pledges
Faith to good old Delaware.


From New Castle's rolling meadows,
Through the fair rich fields of Kent,
To the [Sussex[ shores hear echoes,
Of the pledge we now present;
Liberty and Independance,
We will guard with loyal care,
And hold fast to freedom's presence,
In our home state Delaware.


Oh our Delaware! Our beloved Delaware!
For the sun is shining over our beloved Delaware,
Oh our Delaware! Our beloved Delaware!
Heres the loyal son that pledges,
Faith to good old Delaware.

Official Song of the State of Delaware.
Adopted in 1925.

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