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The last seconds tick by, and its finally 5 o'clock. Time to check out of the office for the weekend. Another five days of working for the man, and you're sick of it. And what have you got to show for it? Not quite enough.

(5:00:00) - Johnny Cash - Sixteen Tons - (Merle Travis cover)

Straightening up your desk, you look at the other office drones, and wonder why the hell you do it anymore. Another day, another dollar, you keep telling your self. Sometimes you just wish you had the nerve to give your boss the finger.

(5:02:42) - Waylon Jennings with Johnny Paycheck- Take This Job And Shove it (Live cover of the David Allan Coe classic)

Making your way to your car, and unlocking it, you throw your jacket and tie in the back seat. Maybe you won't go any more, drop all your responsibilites. You just should sit back in your living room and drink beers and watch tv all day.

(5:05:33) - Office Space (Sample) - Not gonna go anymore

You start your car, and back out hoping somehow your boss will be directly behind you, so you can run him down. You pull out on the parking lot and wind your way through the streets happy to be out of there.

(5:06:11) - The Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone

You shift out of the local traffic and on the a main road, finally letting loose. Somehow, you can't help shake the idea that there has to be something more that what you do every day, every week, and so on.

(5:09:16) - Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

As you drive on, you realize all the lights are perfectly timed. Just so you have to stop at every one. Like your job, you feel completely out of control of the situation

(5:15:45) - Phish - Slave To The Traffic Light

Weaving in and out of cars, you finally start to drum your hands to the music, shake your head. Traffic might be frustrating, but at least you can turn it into some kind of video game.

(5:20:22) - Medeski Martin and Wood with DJ Logic - Crosstown Traffic (Live Jimi Hendrix cover)

All of a sudden, brake lights everywhere, you slam on yours and stop. You cant move. Trapped again.

(5:26:54) - James Taylor - Traffic Jam (live)

Maybe you should move? Get a job and a life in the country. Get the hell out of this city.

(5:29:01) - Jude - Out Of L.A.

Once again, traffic eases up and you speed off, hoping you might make it home in time to relax a little before the evenings festivities.

(5:33:01) - Led Zeppelin - Ramble On

You spy a gorgeous blonde in the car next to you. The roof in her Toyota MR2 Spyder is down and her hair is blowing everywhere. "How about a little car tag?" you think. You nod and smile and press the accelerator down, and she follows suit.

(5:37:24) - Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car

She's still with you, and you are just 15 minutes from home. You think of asking signalling her to pull over, so you can get her number. Sleazy maybe, but what the hell? Just as you lift your hand to signal, you notice the pink triangle on her bumper. Eh, such is life. Maybe next time.

(5:42:06) - Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere

Realizing your little "detour" made you miss your turn, you look too hastily and try to pull a fast u-turn, just nearly missing the bus full of commuters unfortunate (or is it fortunate) enough to take the bus to work.

(5:46:26) - Soul Coughing - Bus to Beelzebub

Finally, you're nearing your development, although there seem to be 10 other cookie-cutter developments around it that are identical. All with the same houses, same cars and such. You wonder how often people wind up home at the wrong house.

(5:50:59) - Modest Mouse - Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes

You turn onto your street, to see the same familiar houses, with the same lights on you see every day at this time. Somehow, since its home, thats not such a problem anymore. You pull into your driveway, but pause a second before killing your engine, to heave a huge sigh. Time to get ready.

(5:54:42) - George Benson - On Broadway (live)

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